Britain’s Best Brain as an example of a complex of exercises for the brain

16.03.2012. Let's be smarter.

Below is a browser-based version of the television play Britain’s Best Brain, which was held in the British Channel 5 in October-December 2009. The participants performed tasks specifically designed by scientists to test different mental abilities and brain function: the speed of arithmetic calculations, short-term memory, pattern recognition, motor coordination, risk assessment. The winner was […]


Fitness for the Brain

01.03.2012. Let's be smarter.

Today we’ll talk about the physical “growth” of new ideas. We’ll take a tour across Internet services, which help to develop the mental faculties. We’ll discuss the idea of a startup, the founders of which, with high probability, will get a chance to join the club of billionaires. 🙂 “The new idea – it’s just […]