Trend #4: transparent secure world?

14.01.2012. Subjective rating of changes

“Implicit trends” are described in this series of posts “that obviously would change our lifestyle and way of thinking in the future.” The forecasts are based on the results of continuous monitoring of technology news under the project “Subjective rating of technologies-2011”. At the risk of running into your protests with my prediction as follows: […]


Top of inventor’s wit-2011

28.12.2011. Subjective rating of changes

(Russian) Накануне Нового года решил порадовать вас коллекцией неожиданных технических решений, выходящих за рамки стандартного мышления. Заложенные в них идеи – способны вдохновлять других изобретателей и взламывать шаблоны мышления потенциальных пользователей. Для вещей XXI века это очень полезное качество: вещь, которая удивляет – помогает наблюдателю оставаться гибким, а значит – становиться успешным.


How to make a career in a very large company

16.06.2011. Interview with experts

How can one find one’s place in such a company and grow successfully with it? We ask Inna Kuznetsova. She is the sole vice-president of Russian origin at the headquarters of IBM, the author of the book “Up! A practical approach to career development”, recently published by Russian publishing house “Mann, Ivanov and Ferber”. Inna […]


You can not do business
so as you do it today

29.03.2011. Interview with experts

The future of your projects depends heavily on the driving forces of the economy and on whether you are going against these forces – or try to ride them. Well-known Ukrainian writer and financial analyst Eric Naiman, pays attention to one of the driving forces, which for some reason, is rarely remembered by theoretical economists […]


Traveling over the limits of habitual mind

19.03.2011. Let's be smarter

It was observed a long ago: the best way to help people of the former USSR to get rid of the soviet picture of the world and paternalistic habits is to do easier and cheaper for them to travel to developed countries (on vacation, school, work). The device Thinking Cap, developed by Australian researchers, in […]


Pilot rating: January 2011

08.02.2011. Subjective rating of changes

In my “Google Reader” under the project “Subjective rating of changes (@ Ury Smirnov)» I follow ideas, projects, events and trends that may affect the life, thinking and attitudes of people in the future. Below there is a test ratings of January 2011.   1. Technology-“crutch” would help to refuse the technologies-“prostheses” Application for self-control […]


Google, be so kind

23.09.2010. Future services

No, of course, Google is not malicious. He gave us a lot of great free services. I’m going for a long time to move fully on Google’s applications from desktop ones. But so far, unfortunately, I use the majority of its services only from time to time (except mail). I’m not alone: only a few […]


“Popycock cutter” for browser

20.09.2010. Smart things

I decided to share with web programmers the idea of a simple and useful plugin for the popular browsers. Reasonable people have long replaced the TV news show and talk shows with the Internet surfing. Unfortunately, many sites will give odds to “zombibox” – and to dissociate from them is more difficult than turn off […]


Emotions as a “compass” of the mind

29.08.2010. Let's be smarter

Use your emotions as a “compass” for the mind. I mean approximately the same approach as that described in the project Open Sensitive: “Our sensibility is the goal, and path, and the criterion. If the colors, smells and sounds of this world become brighter for you, bring you more joy, then you are living right. […]