Interview with experts

Freigeld in Russian

24.05.2012. Interview with experts.

Blog ideas4future already told about the theory of free money (Freigeld) by Silvio Gesell and projects of local currencies generated worldwide by territorial and online communities to solve their own problems: reducing the impact of economic criseses, the mutually beneficial exchange of goods and services, the development of local business and employment, strengthening mutual support […]


How to make a career in a very large company

16.06.2011. Interview with experts.

How can one find one’s place in such a company and grow successfully with it? We ask Inna Kuznetsova. She is the sole vice-president of Russian origin at the headquarters of IBM, the author of the book “Up! A practical approach to career development”, recently published by Russian publishing house “Mann, Ivanov and Ferber”. Inna […]


You can not do business
so as you do it today

29.03.2011. Interview with experts.

The future of your projects depends heavily on the driving forces of the economy and on whether you are going against these forces – or try to ride them. Well-known Ukrainian writer and financial analyst Eric Naiman, pays attention to one of the driving forces, which for some reason, is rarely remembered by theoretical economists […]