Let’s be smarter

Three Adventures

29.03.2013. Let's be smarter.

The magazine “Zhit’ interesno!” (Life is interesting!) asked me: where do, in my opinion, the ideas and forecasts come from? For me the idea generation and forecasting, creativity and intuition are the same thing. I think out the ideas and try to see into the future in the same way and feel the same feelings. […]


How to grow wiser without brain stimulation

20.07.2012. Let's be smarter.

Recently, the media reported on the unusual experiment by Sydney University professors Alan Snyder and Richard Shi. They have developed a method that makes a man smarter for a short time by stimulating the brain with direct current. In their experiment, the stimulation takes 10 minutes. And I’ll prompt method that works instantly. Without any […]


Britain’s Best Brain as an example of a complex of exercises for the brain

16.03.2012. Let's be smarter.

Below is a browser-based version of the television play Britain’s Best Brain, which was held in the British Channel 5 in October-December 2009. The participants performed tasks specifically designed by scientists to test different mental abilities and brain function: the speed of arithmetic calculations, short-term memory, pattern recognition, motor coordination, risk assessment. The winner was […]


Fitness for the Brain

01.03.2012. Let's be smarter.

Today we’ll talk about the physical “growth” of new ideas. We’ll take a tour across Internet services, which help to develop the mental faculties. We’ll discuss the idea of a startup, the founders of which, with high probability, will get a chance to join the club of billionaires. 🙂 “The new idea – it’s just […]


Traveling over the limits of habitual mind

19.03.2011. Let's be smarter.

It was observed a long ago: the best way to help people of the former USSR to get rid of the soviet picture of the world and paternalistic habits is to do easier and cheaper for them to travel to developed countries (on vacation, school, work). The device Thinking Cap, developed by Australian researchers, in […]


Emotions as a “compass” of the mind

29.08.2010. Let's be smarter.

Use your emotions as a “compass” for the mind. I mean approximately the same approach as that described in the project Open Sensitive: “Our sensibility is the goal, and path, and the criterion. If the colors, smells and sounds of this world become brighter for you, bring you more joy, then you are living right. […]


Work on successes

20.04.2010. Let's be smarter.

How to fulfill one’s own dream? Maybe someday we will discuss this with you personally (scype: ideas4future). But now I do not know what happened to your dreams and from what fabric have you sewed your sails. I know the only universal advice in terms of personal development, which is suitable for anyone in any […]


The rule of «seven gurus»

08.12.2009. Let's be smarter.

The rule of «seven gurus» says that to change one’s life for the better one it is enough for modern man to master theoretically and / or in practice not more than seven systems of personal development. The rule is firm under condition that the person is fully aware of benefits extracted from the current […]


Open Sensitive project

09.09.2009. Let's be smarter.

Lyudmila Pekhovskaya is a performer of Russian and Gypsy songs and the owner of vocal-variety studio and art gallery in Warsaw. She asked me to think out the idea of ​​development of her projects. Sometimes, to promote the project, you need to be beyond it. I propose a logical step: in addition to the studio […]