Smart world

From “spacimism” to private astronautics

30.10.2012. Smart world.

It is unlikely that you remember the name of the first man who stood up for the first lever steam locomotive in the world and said, “Let’s go” – and waved his hand. Still, NASA chief historian Steven Dick definitely had a reason when a couple of years ago compared the two events, separated in […]


Fragment of “program code” in our brains

07.05.2010. Smart world.

You’ve probably heard about a curious experiment, which was conducted earlier this year in “Facebook” and other social networking sites by Department of Anthropology, University of Oxford. Scientists have opened nothing new to themselves, but they only once again confirmed and made available to the general public so-called “Dunbar’s number”. It is the number of […]


Generators of ideas, unite!
With the “restricted specialists”

26.08.2009. Smart world.

This is not the “Manifesto of the creators Party”. The other day I promised to share my thoughts of how online platform of direct sales of ideas may look. First you need to recognize the “direct sale of ideas” not selling it to the investor, not to the manufacturer but directly to the consumer in […]


Turing Test 2.0

18.06.2009. Smart world.

They say that the computer intelligence will have undergone the Turing test one of these days. Will this mean that computers have become reasonable? Of course, they have not. It means a much more modest task solution that is a high-quality imitation of the human mind. Developers of artificial intelligence systems do not yet know […]


What is the force in, “Great Brother”?

21.04.2009. Smart world.

One more technology of “mind reading”is developed. / Progress was made in recognition of faces in the crowd. / Billboards had appeared, that are able to follow the direction of passersbies’ sights. / Medications are created that delete disturbing memories … Such news, judging by the comments of readers of online media, do not please […]


Oneself’s Company

12.06.2008. Smart world.

Numerous experts forecast that in 10-15 years the remote workers will be employed by most companies in the world. It implies that most of the population will be teleworkers in the foreseeable future. I guess that mas and powerful stratum of “telebusinessmen” will play a significant role in the economy by then. Who will be […]