Here you have the blog for those who think independently, generate self-ideas and enjoy another’s, can inspire and be inspired, who are able to extract lessons from the past, to change themselves in the present, who dream of a more rational world for themselves and their children.

Blog’s author is Ury Smirnov, researcher of the future, TEDx speaker.

Blog themes:

  • Subjective rating of Technologies (@Ury Smirnov).
  • Interviews with experts about the future and creativity.
  • Technological, social, business ideas and predictions.
  • Technology to generate ideas and informational activity.

Blog “verbs”: to think non-standardly, to inspire those who are tired, to tame insights, to invent the future, to save the world.

Attention! At this stage this blog exist primarily in Russian, but it will be step by step translated in English.
If you want to read the human translated articles – go to the main page of this blog.
If you want to get acquainted with the untranslated content – use automatic translation service Google Translate!

Methodology. All forecasts and assumptions on pages of Ideas4Future are made from the consumer’s perspectives (“I prefer, I’d like, I like it – hence, it will appear; it is not comfortable for me – hence, it will disappear”). All predictions that come true are accumulated here.

About the theme “The subjective rating of technologies”: Technologies-candidates are selected for the rating on the based of daily monitoring of news in mass media and blogs posts. Criterion: the impact of technology on lifestyles and people’s mindsets in the future. The technological map of the future, TOP-10 most promising technologies and analytical commentary will be drawn up as a result of blog’s activity in 2011.

About the heading “Interviews with experts”: The author locates here fragments of his own publications in the media associated with the subject of the blog (creativity, forecasting). The interviewees had given special permissions to rotate their photos on the main page of this blog.

The posts “frozen”: Key posts of this blog are frozen in an immutable form, along with the date of publication on a specialized service Webcitation.org, popular in the scientific world. It is because I don’t like senseless debates on the subject: hasn’t the author placed his prognosis backdating – when it has already come true, or may be the idea was placed when it was implemented by anybody.

The stability of the project: The birthday of this blog as a self-contained one is May 25, 2009. Prior to that it was developed during one year at the platform WordPress.com. Earlier, some of the posts were published in the “Live Journal”.

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