Trend #2: “people growing wiser”

Author: Ury Smirnov. Category: Subjective rating of changes. Date:16.01.2012, 18:20.

In this series of posts “implicit trends” are described “that clearly change the way of life, way of thinking and people relations in the future.” The forecasts are based on the results of continuous monitoring of news under the project “subjective rating of the 2011 changes.”

In the “pilot” rating in January 2011 I wrote about a birth in the next 10 years of a large class of devices based on the use of brain interfaces with the feedback: “These devices will be used not only for games, but mainly for personal growth, discovery and development of skills, professional training, sports, household and other skills… The man who can control his mind and emotions is more competitive, more successful, less susceptible to manipulation, is more aware of his interests and formulates them in a relationship with the state, business and professional environment. He is more reasonable in the building of his life and contributes to a more reasonable arrangement of society. Personal systems of the control of brain activity will contribute to the development of these qualities in people”. Figuratively speaking, if the weapon of the proletariat was a boulder, the instrument of liberation of “people growing wiser” will become neuro-headset with a set of applications for the development of logic, memory, speed and flexibility of thinking.

I am pleased to note that IBM has incorporated the technology of brain interfaces in its latest analytical report «IBM 5 in 5″, a list of five innovations that have the potential to change over the next five years, methods of work, life and human interaction. “Scientists in the field of bioinformatics have created a headsets with advanced sensors of brain electrical activity, allowing to recognize the emotion, concentration and mental activity of man, without any action on his part, – the authors of the report write. – Within five years we shall see early application of this technology in the gaming and entertainment industry. In addition, doctors will use this technology to analyze brain patterns, and may be could help patients in rehabilitation after a stroke and will be able to understand the cause of brain disorders such as autism.”
In my opinion, even in the current five-year period popular Internet services for the development of mental abilities, such as, and will start working with the devices with the functions of control brain activity,. Then, experiments are possible to integrate such devices with business applications that promise a lot of useful applications. At the same time custom applications will begin to be created for members of different professions (journalists, designers, engineers, managers, customer service, etc.) designed for self-control, improvement of skills and, if desired – exchange of experiences (already the first tentative experiments are carried out to transfer the skills of trained human to untrained one using decoded neural feedback).

And I want to believe that for many people the training with neuro-simulators will become an integral part of life in the same way as in the XX century fitness became life style of millions.

To be continued.

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