“Popycock cutter” for browser

Author: Ury Smirnov. Category: Smart things. Date:20.09.2010, 22:25.

I decided to share with web programmers the idea of a simple and useful plugin for the popular browsers.

Reasonable people have long replaced the TV news show and talk shows with the Internet surfing. Unfortunately, many sites will give odds to “zombibox” – and to dissociate from them is more difficult than turn off the TV. After all, all in the Internet is connected by links. Solid information-analytical portals also place blocks of external news links. And it would be good if this links were to the same considerable resources. Unfortunately, more often there is a decrease of “degrees of reliability” from vodka – for beer and ink… sorry: from good-quality information and analytics – to the flow of “yellow” and “seamy side” with the “tomato spotted” mixed.

“Zombonews” are not just a stupid political propaganda: from it, there is the easiest way to step back. It is also a dense stream of bad news, which do not concern you. That just steal your time, depress you, charge with the fears, distract, make you give up and bury in the land your unique talent. Incidentally, I once wrote on the subject tviphorizm: “Do you want to own the world – provide people with news, which do not concern them”.

So, the plug-in. You can certainly do without it. You can accurately every time, “illuminate” with the mouse every link that you are going to go. But, in my opinion, it is hard knocks surfing pace. And most important, you have to keep in mind the addresses of all the garbage dumps of information, sickening familiarity with which had once taken away your time. Why to strain your memory if you can automate this task?

The plugin should work quite simple – like the usual “banner cutters.” If the user has understood that at this news site he only wastes time and does not want to come back here he can press a special button on the toolbar, and the address of the site falls into the black list.

The user can also select from the drop down menu of this button one of two types of cut-off “garbage” sites. In the “soft” mode when trying to open a link to a blacklisted site a pop-up window like: “Do not open it – sick” pops up (the text is set by the user himself). In the “hard” mode browser on any pages automatically hides the links to any page with the “banned” resources.

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