To fall in love until the first sight

Author: Ury Smirnov. Category: Future services. Date:02.06.2010, 6:00.

Young people can easily get acquainted only in films about young people. In reality, most can not even simply start a conversation with a person attractive. Of course, if we start – we have no one to stop. But how can one not to fail and not to burn with shame at the very beginning? How do one find relevant and spectacular clue for dating the person to whom he clearly have something to say?

The next mini-project is designed to help young people in this. So to deep, but shy natures as quite liberated people, who, however, has not enough intrigue and intensity in the usual disco-club acquaintances.

So, a popular disco-club creates a closed site for its visitors. Looking at the site at the beginning or middle of the week, you can book a ticket for Friday, Saturday or Sunday and make your own profile. Profile is valid only until the end of the weekend and next week it will have to start all over again. Why is it so? I’ll explain later.

In your profile you can post:

  • Graphics or video avatar (or even a real photo – that in some cases is fraught with a pleasant surprise for your future partner).
  • Your legend: which country / world you arrived from, what is your job / mission, how was you skidded on this discotheque, etc. In fact, the options can be a million. What matters is that the text was not trivial and it was clear the role that you are ready to play today.
  • List topics that you are interested / unbearably today to talk to.

Try to keep your profile unique and irresistible, to make a verbal dance of your soul such as the reader to fall in love in you until viewing you. This is your chance. Chance to meet a person in the crowd, in which your unique nature will cause a painful sense of recognition (on such recognition, incidentally, are created all touchingly truthful films about young people).
At the entrance to the disco for your reservation number, you will be given a ticket, as well as a simple gadget (Velcro, arm-, or headband, etc. – let the organizers will choose the appropriate option). Making the gadget will cost mere pennies. It represents a simple circuit with battery and three colored microlamps that:
a) are arranged one behind the other in a certain order;
b) blink in a certain rhythm.

That is to say, the visual password that will help your future partner to find you. Because a unique password is assigned for each visitor when booking the ticket.

Let’s go back a couple of days ago. Your future partner, choose your site among many other legends, will see in your profile, your complete virtual analogue blinking gadget. He/she will only have to remember before going to the disco sequence: “Yeah, two red flares, one green, three blue”. Similar information can be reserved online you, by the way.

At the disco, you can amuse yourself for the usual way. And the corner of your eye glances from side to side in search of “visual password.” At this point, either you will find – or anybody will (and will be able to charm) you. However, it is not a fact that a stranger will run to you, flinging his arms. There are a million of options, as in life: somebody will rush to you right on the neck – and someone will lead normal conversation, wearing a mask of bored, but intelligent and highly perceptive visitor…

It remains to explain why all the profiles should be “zeroed out” at the end of the week. Of course, the owners of discos will have a great temptation to create their own small, but firm and loyal social network. However, I would recommend them to desist from this undertaking.

You do not need to do all as the social network. In this case – even more so: if you make the profiles constant and joining them into a network of users:
a) they will update their profile once in a hundred years;
b) they will go in the usual virtual games and / or begin to perceive the service as a regular dating site, that it is not.

Meanwhile, for the success of the project must be something else:

  • Users have to meet and communicate exclusively offline (the site only gives a clue).
  • A person has to came to the disco in the mood, and with such interest, as reflected in the profile (for example, last week, he wanted someone to share his unique perception of Mikhalkov’s latest film – and this week everyone who gets on this topic conversations, he was ready to shoot).

In general, let the visitors come to realize that the text edit the profile from the previous week, or leave as it is, if their role, mood and intentions were not changed.

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