From the “underground” – to YouTube

Author: Ury Smirnov. Category: Future services. Date:19.05.2010, 7:00.

This project can unite not only the artistic bohemia, but also ordinary citizens of any city, who are not alien to the spirit of creative expression. Everybody of us has moments in life when we have something to say to the world.

So, a small platform (for example, 3 × 3 meters) is been establishing in the pedestrian area of the city. It is surrounded by theaters, art galleries, cafes, discos, etc. A large video screen with built-in audiosystem (to see and hear the action from afar), and dual camera (webcamera + high-resolution camera, the first designed for the online broadcast via the Internet, the second – for automatically record the fragments, followed by «filling» on YouTube .) is been mounting before the platform. At the right moment (eg, once a week on Fridays from 20.00 to 21.00), the organizers connect microphone to the system and invite interested persons at the platform.

Any person may address the crowd with a song of his own, preaching, or a magical merry declaration of love, ask for the forgiveness of one another, play with his friends from the stage of life, to ask a rhetorical question to him, no one asked to read out the 1001 way of saving the world, tell us about his life of urban homeless, etc. There are much more opportunities to express themselves than the inhabitants of the city.

Listening to the reactions of the spectators gathered and occasional passers-by, it makes sense for the artist from the people to keep an eye on the screen where his performance is duplicated.

The fact is that all performances are broadcasted on-line via webcam at a special website. Next to the preview site visitor sees two buttons: «Send to YouTube» and «Delete». He can click any of the buttons at intervals no more frequently than once per 10 seconds (that is, one has the right to change his mind during the performance).

The more the buttons «Delete» are pressed – the more the screen is darkened. And when a certain threshold is achieved, the screen simply goes out and stalls. Up until a new participant would rise the scene. But if the audience will decide unanimously to defend the first participant – who can let him go out!

If more than a half of visitors has chosen the option «Send to YouTube» – the screen becomes brighter and more contrast. And if a good quality image remains until the end of the performance, its record in high resolution will really go on YouTube, at a channel dedicated to the project, where everybody would be able to see it at any time.

And then it will be as usual on YouTube: truly original and talented performances will be copied many times and become hits.

Of course, any creative person with a webcam can now record himself in his own kitchen and «cast» at the video-hosting service. However, participating in the action, he will receive the real reaction of the audience and a large number of initial viewings online.

The city authorities, giving permission for the project, will receive free high rating entertainment for the townspeople. They will be required practically nothing: to detach two police officers in dress uniform for this mini-concert.

Organizers of the project would attract with its help many new participants and spectators at other cultural events in the city.

If there are a lot of persons interested to appear at scene, it’ll be possible to increase the duration of the concerts. In the rest of the time advertising can be shown at the big screen, and that will allow to recoup the project and to earn money for other shares.

If a sufficiently large number of citizens through their extraordinary performances will receive recognition in the Internet – the project could be online business card of the city. And, moreover, its clones may appear in other cities. And it is for the better: public Web camera are established in all major cities of the world. Can not they allow understand what kind of people lives on the other side of the eyepiece?

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PS: This blog has already posted some ideas at the intersection of offline and online technologies. In my opinion, the projects based on virtualization / revirtualization of human relations will in future be an important trend. Trace the history of viable online communities. Most of them at some point always come to the idea to organize a meeting of its active participants in real life. And if the meeting is postponed again and again the activity of community is declining.

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