Author: Ury Smirnov. Category: Smart things. Date:10.05.2010, 8:00.

When I am once again exasperated with our unobtrusive service – hand involuntarily reaches into pocket. No, not for a gun or validolom – for the notebook. Because consumer irritation is a sure sign of a business idea that is somewhere near.

As always at the wrong time (I was waiting for an important call) came on the phone another spam text message. In my opinion, SMS-advertising is the worst kind of spam: generally useless, extremely manipulative, intractable filtering and always – untimely. No wonder decent companies (except the mobile operators themselves that are sure that we anywhere disappear), do not use this type of advertising. They are afraid to damage their image in the eyes of respectable clients.

Well, let’s try to solve this puzzle: Try to adapt the SMS-service to the needs of decent companies. Even if only for the brain warm-up.

The first step, in general, is obvious. Decent companies can become sponsors of subscribers – partially or fully pay for them some services of a mobile operator. Does not matter what kind of service (it can be, say, a kind of SMS-«twitter» for closed groups of friends or, for example, find exclusive information service in the city). The main thing to realize subscriber: sponsors have done a good thing for him and for this they want to be listened to.

I fear, however, that thanks of subscribers run out pretty quickly. And a sediment at the mention of brands will remain: advertising text messages never arrive on time. Even if they will be sent at a specific schedule – we can not and do not want to live according to this schedule.

Is it possible to turn the “spam” in the “unspam”? Yes – if you unsubscribe SMS in general. 🙂 Is this possible? What, then, will be a reason for the sponsor to participate in the project? It is next.

Step two. If advertising of sponsor does not irritate you (or even it is useful to you) – get it, for God’s sake, as usual. But if you want to get rid of it, take, please, a list of your personal “sponsors of the day”. The list may present, for example, five, eight or ten companies (most importantly, not seven). These companies will sponsor you in turns every day – and, in the order in which they were listed. At the end of the waiting list first in the list of the company sponsor will be the next – and then in a circle. Your task is to send on the eve of the week a list of the seven companies that will sponsor you from Monday to Sunday. If you make a mistake – you will receive usual SMS-advertisings. 🙂 If you do it right – sponsors will not bother you! Never. 🙂

The secret is that general number of sponsors does not coincide with the number of days of the week. Then the list of “sponsors of the week” will always move. And, to make it, the subscriber will have to do the simple steps manually: paint the sponsors on any day of the week in the monthly calendar – or simply to compare the two sets of numbers on a sheet of paper.

When it’s next week, subscribers will enter in the phone the list of sponsors from next Monday to Sunday and will send it to the corresponding “short code” as text messages, which will also be paid by the sponsor. Agree that actions are not too burdensome. If the fee for service will be a penny, and the service will become an irreplaceable for subscriber – why not to solve puzzles?

Due to the fact that the problem is solved “manually”, the subscriber probably will remember the name of the company-sponsor, having met him in the city. Remember without irritation. I suppose this method of “non advertising” will be especially suitable for young aggressive companies that are just beginning to capture the local market.

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