Work on successes

Author: Ury Smirnov. Category: Let's be smarter. Date:20.04.2010, 21:06.

How to fulfill one’s own dream? Maybe someday we will discuss this with you personally (scype: ideas4future). But now I do not know what happened to your dreams and from what fabric have you sewed your sails. I know the only universal advice in terms of personal development, which is suitable for anyone in any situation: “Tell yourself the truth.” Or probably in a better way: “Tell yourself the truth correctly.”
Many systems of personal development contain practices, techniques, exercises, directly or incidentally contributing adept rid of the habit of deceiving himself (at least, you’ll find almost in any system a simple piece of advice: “Start right now – otherwise you’ll start on Monday as usual”).
I will say more: the practice of getting rid of illusions and self-justification, of the habits to give out the wishful for real (and the real for the desired – as well) – such practice itself can become an effective and self-sufficient system of personal development. Get into the habit of calling things by their proper names (at least mentally, if not out loud), persistently follow the unexpected discoveries of yourself as a compass needle – and only that will be enough to realize your talent, your essence. Your internal compass – an honest look at your thoughts, actions and their consequences will pave for you the best life path through various activities, meetings, books, travel, and experiences.
This method has a marvelous balance of simplicity and efficiency. But it is contraindicated for you, if you’re used to talking to yourself and others, “the painful truth.”

How to tell the truth correctly?

“Painful Truth” is nonsense. It is one of the manipulative techniques that help to control us, make of us “true patriots”, “real parents”, “true workaholic,” etc. The real truth, which puts out of the impasse or a false road, which is necessary for you and the world, it’s always an explosion of joy, is an insight.
Let to your inner “the prosecutor” be sent to rest, as he can only blame and impose a penance for years, leaving you without enthusiasm! Let internal “inspector” and “detective” sleep lethargy. Wake up in himself a born hunter – a cheerful leopard with fire-ball golden spots on its side. Your hunter does not want anyone to eat. Its purpose and the mode of existence is the game. Entrust him to evaluate the flow of your thoughts and actions in the jump catching only what is important.

Work on successes

There are no such forces for change in the hunt for the mistakes, which overfill the hunt for successes. Even a failed project can contain parts that you did better than yesterday, made in a new way, effectively, efficiently. Even if these details, in the opinion of your boss, do not worth one good word, it’s your pivot, your hidden talent, a resource that should be developed first of all.
Of course, if your projects are paid with the money – you have to analyze your mistakes on the set parameters and write standard reports. But for your own personal development, these reports are not needed.
Listen, I’ll suggest now an idea that you will oppose with your whole being – but I have not picked it up from the ceiling, I checked it on a dozen of people who in my eyes made creative career from zero.
If you want to improve quickly any of your skill, develop a certain quality: do not waste your time on the questions: “What did I do wrong? Why am I doing wrong?” Proceed differently! Look for “diamond dust” in your deeds and thoughts: parts made perfectly! Rejoice in these little achievements. Analyze them. Rely on them. Learn how to achieve similar quality throughout.
Focusing on success creates a striking effect, similar to the effect of rarefied air in the pneumatic tube. Do not worry about your mistakes: they will disappear by themselves. They simply will have no place in your work and thoughts. They will be washed away by a wave of your small achievements. And it will happen faster than if you would traditionally “shoot errors.”
For example, if you want to develop the ability to generate ideas at any time – learn how to smile for the start of each thought new for you. No matter what the topic: work, leisure, communication with the child, cooking dinner, etc. It does not matter whether the idea is new for the world – it is important that it is new for you. Do not miss an occasion to admire your idea to praise yourself for creativity, reward yourself with an accessible way. Our brains do not work well precisely because we have forgotten how to enjoy the process of thinking!
Modern man is accustomed to enjoy only the results and accept their intelligence as a non-replaceable battery, which should have time to use before the age of 35. We think in unleavened way and under pressure – that’s why the results are so meager.
Smile to every good thought, regardless of scale, efficiency and ROI! 🙂 Pleasure is the steering wheel for our brain. Soon it will begin to issue new ideas more often – and the quality of ideas among them will appear more and more.

Correction of mistakes

One can’t also do without it, of course: we are all related liabilities and total weight of affairs with other people with whom we are obliged to speak the same language.
In addition, we are growing. And from the height of the new experience now and then we find errors, contradictions, lack of realism, etc. in the ideas that have delighted yesterday. Professionals and just held steady, wise persons, usually with a quiet humility are engaged in “debriefing” – that is much better than sprinkle the ashes on one’s head. But even better it is to make search for mistakes as a gambler and a fascinating creative process.
In essence, the process of opening an error is similar to the process of opening opportunities. You just can exclaim, “Eureka!” Can not you? Then, just congratulate yourself for every mistake found: you first found it! You are careful, you’re smart, you are fast!
And one day you will experience the kind of insight, when in response to a detected error immediately comes a new solution. And you’ll realize that this state is a norm.

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