The rule of «seven gurus»

Author: Ury Smirnov. Category: Let's be smarter. Date:08.12.2009, 23:45.

The rule of «seven gurus» says that to change one’s life for the better one it is enough for modern man to master theoretically and / or in practice not more than seven systems of personal development. The rule is firm under condition that the person is fully aware of benefits extracted from the current system and then looks for the next one.

The rule is restrictive and is intended to compensate the many of us habit to postpone indefinitely the urgent changes in our lives.

The playful interpretation of the rule is the next one. If seven gurus join hand firmly offering you to find a way out of the vicious circle, it means that you are important enough to take eighth place in their chain.
Rule implies in both interpretations that:
1. If a person is constantly in touch with reality (lives «here and now») – he changes with the reality itself.
2. Most of us have lost the contact with reality and to restore it we need «soft» assistance from the outside (clever books, training to develop skills, support of virtual and real creative communities, etc.).
3. Many systems of personal development overlap. To develop and implement one’s unique life Plan it is sufficient to learn a limited number of systems.
4. A comparison of the differences of personal growth systems teaches to fill voids in one’s Plan.
5. Ask: «Who will teach me to realize my principal dream?» Rely on the Google’s luck or an old school friend’s advice. Selection error is not too terrible at this stage.
6. The first experience, even negative, will help you understand yourself better and to formulate your next request of your «spiritual quest».
7. Look for the missing links of your Plan in every new system of personal development. Leaving every system, rewrite your Plan again.
8. Realize what you took away from every system, what you need more to change your life, what other book, the training you would spend your precious time.
9. If after learning seven systems you still do not dare to act, it means that you was not honest with yourself in paragraphs 7 and 8. Try to get rid of your fears without going out the limits of the seven already learned systems.
10. If you do not succeed to overcome your fears so you need a «hard» outside support as «one friend help» in the face of a psychologist or an «audience help» in the face of psychological support group.

PS Can one read clever books after one’s plan will work? Sure! Good books inspire, and inspiration is necessary for successful changes not less than instructions. Moreover, a good book always comprises a lot of little useful techniques that would help you to realize your plan without changing it.

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