Virtual kinesthetic – as a bonus

Author: Ury Smirnov. Category: Future city. Date:24.03.2009, 20:27.

It is a small bonus to the previous publication. If we can surround ourselves with virtual models of any things that people have ever created or will create more – why do not we feel all these curiosities and artifacts?
Suppose using the technology of supplemented reality you have decorated your living room with a virtual copy of the Venus de Milo. Your eyes will enjoy the visual result of the work of the ancient master. But, most likely, your joy will not be more than after visit 74 halls of the Louvre (where you, at least, can “exchange” touch to the world’s masterpieces in a fine or stints in prison).

Thus we need another technology. It’ll be technology that can give a touch to the cold surface of the stone, when you reach out to the virtual Venus de Milo.

How to achieve this? I don’t know. Perhaps one has to remember the studies for power transmission and to imagine that the human body is a large rechargeable battery… Anyway, this task is a challenge that sooner or later will be accepted. Firstly “the transmission” of solid and stationary objects will be implemented, later – the dynamic illusions (touching the curtains, cat hair, silk dresses, etc.) – similar to the dynamics of hard and soft bodies in a 3D-animation.

Perhaps, there are still less practical sense than aesthetic in a “virtual kinesthetic”. Yes, certainly, “virtual kinesthetic” will be useful, for example, in telecommunications, industrial design or training. But the main use of it – in Gestalt of supplemented reality and in the final disposal of bulky space suits and helmets, which still we have to resort for a realistic immersive in a virtual reality.

Perhaps this technology carries certain risks for individual rights. But these risks – as well as a number of other risks that we shall have to deal in the next decade I will discuss in a separate post

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