Wizards of Emerald Cities

Author: Ury Smirnov. Category: Future city. Date:19.03.2009, 7:57.

Everything goes to the future, where only changes will become permanent. Here you have an idea of ​​one mort gadget making the world “fluid.”
It is based on the invention, which is already developed in scientific laboratories. Recently, the Internet media reported that in a dozen years TV on the contact lens will appear on the sale. The news on the development of a prototype display on the contact lens was widely replicated last year.
Information-communicational functional of the device that can be created on the basis of such developments is obvious and it have often been described in concepts and projects of the so-called Augmented Reality: the imposition of reference, descriptive, working, useful information on the objects that are currently being watched by the user (for example, as the case may be-loaded description of the architectural masterpiece, the scheme of the tourist route, the options for diagnosis from a medical expert system, instruction to use household appliance, a translation of an alien speech, etc., etc.). video calls, meeting in virtual reality, access to online libraries, already mentioned watching television, movies, videos, video tutorials, and so on.
In passing, I’ll have note that the lens monitors will be a strong alternative to the ideas of “kiborgization” of people (the implantation of chips and artificial organs, “extending the functionality» of homo sapiens), inasmuch as they allow an easy and reversible association of man and machine capabilities. Just wearing these lenses, you will become “superman” who have access to all computational and informational power of the Internet and local network services (in this case you will not fear that someone reads your thoughts and control your behavior). After removing the lens (not even physically removing, but just forgetting about them for a moment), you will once again become fragile and unique creature in the universe – the son of your parents and a descendant of your genus, capable to be subtle and contradictory – as human being – in your feeling, understanding, love.
But let’s back to the topic of the post. Perhaps now the creative functional of the described device is less obvious – but it is not less, if not more, important than informational one. Let’s call this part of the functional unit – “Project Creator” (hereinafter – the “creator”).
High creativity of “creator” is based on the following phenomenon. Until now, people had to deal with two realities: the inner one (psychic, subjective) and external (objective). Moreover, modern man, in a certain sense, lost the connection between these realities. The majority accustomed to the idea that dreams never come true, but the worst fears always come true (hence – the huge popularity of transcerfing, Simoron and other techniques changing the reality among the reading public).

“Creator” creates a kind of “interim reality” – no doubt something external to you, but at the same time, available in the feelings only to you. “Creator” if you wish changes the appearance of the surrounding world for you – but these changes bring inconvenience to others no more than your dreams. However, it is time to move to the reality.
Here’s an example from the field of interior and architectural design:
1. Creator makes it easy to change “skins” (coloring and texture of the surrounding objects). You’ve come to the “another’s monastery,” where you are pressed with flashy wallpapers, pompous furniture? What, then, “repaint” them to your liking (ie, either select a code gesture for pre-set colors, which will automatically change for you the color of the object – or, if circumstances permit, call with the other gesture the color / textured palette visible only to you, choose the color comfort you, stretch your hand toward the object you are annoying with – and change its color instantly, as if under the influence of fotoshop’s tool “Fill”).
2. How often do you get in touch with your furniture? Bed, table, chair, refrigerator, microwave, bookshelf … – yes, there are real things, the replacement of which on the three-dimensional image would deprive your fair share of comfort. At the same time in every apartment (any office), there are many things that are necessary only to please the eye. You touch them, only when wash the dust – that’s why they can be replaced with the photo-realistic “virtual copies”. First, it will free some of the scarce space in your apartment – and you will breathe easier. Second, you will be able to at least a dozen times a day to update virtual areas of your house, filling them with items from different eras, including – Antiques and historical mythological, literary, fantastic artifacts (such as, for example, the “magic mirror”, which will be compiled from the fragments of your own video archives covered by a haze scenes reminiscent of “predicting the future”?) Third, the Earth will breathe with a sigh of relief from the when the huge amount of unnecessary things would be reduct in production. By the way, today, many people are concerned with a question: how to persuade mankind to abandon unbridled consumption of resources? Otherwise crises like the current one, will happen more often, as we’ll fall deeper and deeper …
3. Outside the house, you can also change a lot. For example, to transform the street where you live now, into the streets of your childhood. Or “delete” the buildings, which “put pressure” on you – and replace them with the masterpieces of world architecture. Or indulge in the imposition of “visual effects” on the environment (for example, to transform a cloudy day in the sun one to switch on the light of the stars in broad daylight). In this case, the “creator” will compete with the concept of “video architecture.” However, both technologies may be able to coexist, because the first is aimed at servicing the needs of the individual, and the second – the public ones.
The “creators” would have a lot of other functions. For example, it would provide visualization of your virtual assistant companion (a computer program that has artificial intelligence), which would be jumping around you, tell jokes and the good news, give advice in complex domestic and everyday situations and remind you whose birthday is today and where you’re stuck the damn keys. Also “creator” will help to the group virtual tour (including – in a world of dreams), play video games in the collective.
Another important function will be the removal of stress, anxiety, psychological clips. For example, the head once again is going to wipe you in the powder. Give the “creator” conditional command – and that: there was the chief, and became an animated penguin fat man with thin legs. And then you’ll fight tooth and nail not to your fears, but with a desire to laugh.
Moreover, the use of a “creator” itself will be a powerful and continuous psychological training: being accustomed to change on their own the “interim reality”, people will boldly affect the external, objective reality.
Progress is a phenomenon that helps you find new meanings in the old parables. Who knows what meanings will discover our children in the old stories about the green glasses, which all the inhabitants of Emerald City were forced to wear by his smart boss.

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