Memo-flash – Gadget idea box

Author: Ury Smirnov. Category: Smart things. Date:26.02.2009, 23:09.

Five in the morning. IT is terribly cold to get out from under the blanket and to wait until the kettle boils, and the computer loads. I’ll have to memorize by heart the idea that waked me up…

I do not think that people always have to think about something useful. Not at all. In my educated opinion, people on average are able to work productively no more than four or five hours a day – and only on condition that the rest of the time they allow themselves to play the fool.

But there is a problem. It is that people engaged in creative work (and to do creatively their work can not only a journalist, artist, designer or scientist, but also a businessman, an investigator or officer – yes, the officer: I can give good examples) – now, the problem is that creative people have their four “productive” hours “smeared” on the whole day, minute by minute. So insights come to them in the most unusual situations.

For example, you rush to the meeting – and you can not slow down for a couple of minutes to bring a sudden insight into notepad. Or you are shaked in transport – and your pen draws scrawl. Or a marvelous idea struck in the head in a dark alley – and when you go out under the light, the idea of ​​which an interesting business project, an artistic image of a constructive solution could grow will evaporate. Or you do not want to wake up your relatives at night to record on tape your brilliant ideas.

For such a situation the device would be useful that could be operated without looking, including in the dark, in a move, in the narrowness, in compliance with silence or “secret” (such as when you need to write down imperceptibly phone number, the number of vehicle etc.).

Here is a possible functionality of such device:

1. Entering text into the device should be spelled: the user draws characters with a finger on a small touch screen – one “atop” of the other.

2. The device screen is not lit provided that, the speaker is silent. The device informs the user about input character recognition with a single silent vibration push.

3. The device can recognize the positioning of the characters and brings them into words, even if the characters are drawn diagonally across the screen, or “upside down”.

4. Possible recognition errors due to short notes, easily are edited manually by the user. However, the premium version of the device may feature audio controls: text letter by letter reproduced using speech synthesis via blue tooth headset. Wrongly entered letters are immediately corrected manually using a special character Backspace.

5. The device should be ready for use almost immediately after the switching on – no longer than in a second.

Such a gadget, a kind of “memo companion” for creative people, could be popular status and at the same time affordable budget solution for the target audience.

Its composition is: the function of “blind dial” + simple notebook, where you can leave notes and drawings with ordinary stylus (it works when the screen of gadget is switched on) + plus voice recorder, devoid of the above-mentioned shortcomings of its “fellows” + camera + flash-drive with large capacity (hence, by the way, the working title of the proposed project – Memo-flash – suggesting a game of meanings, “flash memory”, “instant notes”, “notebook + USB-flash drive,” etc.).

The signature gadget pouch compartment can be provided… with the usual notebook. It is a symbol, and the extra choice (for example, when a colleague has not at hand his gadget to copy your ideas – you can share them on paper).

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