Mental Trainer

Author: Ury Smirnov. Category: Smart things. Date:26.05.2008, 21:39.

As you know one of the main disadvantages of the human mind is the ineradicable habit to go in cycles and endlessly scroll in the head one and the same thought. Many spiritual and psychological doctrines consider getting rid of this habit as an important task in the way of personal growth. Alas, only a few people are able to solve this problem: habit of shoveling mental garbage constantly distracts.

It is a vicious circle: to clear one’s thoughts one need to clear his thoughts. A unit described below aims to help to break this circle. It’s a sort of temporary “mental crutch” for the rehabilitation of “mentally disabled” in the era of “reasonable person”.

So, if to believe the popular writers of science, at this stage of technology development experts have already learned with a relatively high probability to distinguish patterns of brain activity (and more – that is the real mind reading – we do not now need).

The next necessary step – the miniaturization of brain scanners and increase comfort of the reading the signals of the brain process so that scanner would burden the user during work and play no more than a MP3-player, hanging around his neck. A comparison with the MP3-player is not accidental: the mental trainer will include the audio unit to generate the musical sequences.

Once a user, thinking the problem will start to scroll the same thoughts, the mental trainer will give the headphones any unpleasant sound (e.g., the sound of drain water in the toilet tank). To speed up the training, you can go out and redirect the sound from the headphones into the integrated speakers. 🙂

In turn, the device will be encouraged by more and more enjoyable musical fragments for every 10, 20, 30 seconds of “pure”, free from obsession, thinking. All the rest time the equipment generates, for example, the sounds of the forest or the sea. For inspiration.

Mental trainer, neither more nor less, will take over the function of the controller, which will force the user, as a janitor, to clear the ground for a systematic, consistent and creative thinking. After watching his “mill of thoughts” as if from the outside, the user will over time completely take over the function of self-control. That is required to improve the human mind.

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