How to gatger «onliners» offline

Author: Ury Smirnov. Category: Smart things. Date:25.05.2008, 19:52.

My familiar traveler and photographer Dmitry Belsky suggested me to visit two photo exhibitions where he participated. «And when shall I go to exhibitions», – I thought disappointedly. And I invented one more project.

So, an on-line photo exhibition is opened in parallel with the off-line one.

A mini-screen for a couple of inches is allocated at the off-line exhibition next to every photo (or picture, if paintings are exhibited). The entire system with a single server is running in terminal mode. The screen reflects the number of visitors of the online gallery, who examined this picture in full screen mode, and full viewer rating.

In the mini-screen, you can also read the «onliner’s» responses and, using the keypad below it, to comment any comments or plus-minus ticks the shot.

Visitor of the online gallery, in turn, sees a live broadcast of the exhibition, as well as offline visitors’ comments and ratings marked at the general tape with special color.

In my opinion, to create a center of contemporary art in large cities today it is payback project. It has to be stuffed with webcams and computer terminals. And it would be loaded completely with cultural activities: presentations of fashionable authors, happenings, multimedia installations, Internet-partying, etc.

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