Jacket with a local “Google”

Author: Ury Smirnov. Category: Smart things. Date:22.05.2008, 19:41.

Imagine a heavy encyclopedic volume, in the cover of which a chip with a couple of megabytes of memory, a paper keyboard and LCD screen are built in.

The last few months I have read the book with the help of “PDA”: it is convenient to have an entire library at your fingertips and use the search capabilities of the text. Yet the information from the paper sheet is less tiring and more memorable. In the end, I decided: a) to buy another stack of books in the bookstore, but b) to try to get the electronic versions of these books for to find quickly the right pieces and then read them on paper.

And then the idea came up. Imagine a heavy encyclopedic volume, which is mounted in the cover: chip with a couple of megabytes of memory (which contains the text of the e-book), paper mini keyboard and LCD screen on the 4–6 lines of text (such as those used in PIMs). If you need to search the contents of the book – just enter a keyword or phrase, “browse” found fragments on the mini-screen and by choosing among them the right one to open a paper book on that page.

In my opinion, today the idea of ​​symbiosis paper books with electronic search engine should pay for itself, at least in the issuance of gift books and encyclopedias. And over time, the cost of “search engine cover” will be the penny – and then this technology could be extended to the usual artistic and educational literature.

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